lenny_toucan (lenny_toucan) wrote,

I never ever want to see you 'til our wedding day

On a slight down note....

Just read a new blog on cry-space from amy, who has been one of my best friends since year 9. We were each others' first friend at high school, and even through all the dramas we remained pretty close. But since we left 6th form me and hannah have been slowly... phased out of her life. It's not because she's got new friends at uni, and they've got more in common or whatever, which kinda has happened, but y'know, that happens to us all. It's the fact that who she now refers to as her 'home mates' are some lads that barely liked her when we left 6th form. Now her whole world revolves around them. She's just written this whole blog thanking her uni and 'home' friends for being so brill etc etc etc and how she would've never gotten through these last few years without them and blahhh. I know things change, but it kinda feels now as if these last 6 years we've been mates have meant sweet f a to her. Cheers mate, cheers...

Oh well. It's not a major poo because this whole 'phasing out' thing... she's changed again and again and it's not really worth getting all fret up about it, because although we've had all these fun years, it's clearly not going to continue, not matter how hard i could try.
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